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Kelly Robitaille

Kelly Robitaille was born with a pencil in her hand and a glitter rainbow in her heart.


From a young age, she knew that art was her calling, and she spent countless hours drawing and creating whimsical worlds.

Growing up, Kelly's family often found her lost in her own world, sketching away and dreaming up new characters and stories.

As she grew older, Kelly realized that her art was not just a hobby but also a form of therapy. When life got tough, she turned to her art as a way to express her emotions and work through her struggles. Kelly's art often taeks on a darker tone, often reflecting the hardships she faced, but she always found a way to infuse it with beauty and hope.

Kelly's unique style is characterized by a surreal aspect that tells a story, evoking emotions and inviting the viewer into a world of whimsy and wonder.


She believes that beauty lies in vulnerability and tries to portray that through her work.

Today, Kelly is a successful digital artist, with a thriving online community of fans who are drawn to her unique style and the heartfelt stories behind her creations. She continues to use her art as a form of therapy, channeling her emotions into her work and sharing her journey with others.

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