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Creations Using My Surreal Portraiture Tutorial

It has been SO exciting to see the work stemming from my Surreal Portraiture Tutorial with RGG EDU. Every day amazing new images pop up in my mentoring group Whimsy Waifs With Kelly Robitaille and I'm blown away by the creativity and seeing how my techniques are being used to create their own spin on surreal portraiture!

Today I want to showcase the incredible work of one of my members. When I reached out to her regarding her art, she informed me that she had only JUST started creating surreal portraits since buying my tutorial a few weeks ago.

Please check out her amazing work below, as well as her review on my tutorial.

"I’d followed Kelly’s page for a long time admiring her work, hoping (and hoping) one day she’d make a tutorial available.

As soon as she released her tutorial, I purchased it so I could finally learn her secrets.

It was very easy to follow. She teaches this editing technique in four phases which makes it simple to learn and easy to perfect each stage in the editing process.

In addition to learning how to use the right PS tools to achieve the look, her tutorials provide 25 textures, 5 full global adjustment action sets for coloring and tone, and a complete skin action set for the porcelain skin look.

Whaaaat? That alone was worth the price. These actions polish off the image and really bring it to life.

I can’t recommend this tutorial enough. Seriously--- I tell everyone about it and I don’t even know Kelly personally! She’s a brilliant mind and her editing secrets are priceless.

Seriously the best purchase I’ve made this year—its well worth the price. Bonus? My inbox has been filled with requests for bookings and my social media audience has grown considerably—best part—this is the most fun I’ve ever had editing. I don’t even go out anymore :D. Seriously-- Get it. Do it now."

Check out MORE of Tara's work by following her using the links below

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